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Recent Projects & Other Work

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Art Direction

I joined the Philadelphia Latino Film Festival team during its tenth anniversary year. For the special occasion, I wanted to bring a burst of color to this year's look and feel.


Failure to Launch is a portrait series exposing the fears and fantasies of different characters or tropes. In the first set of portraits, the Handyman (right) plays out his Bob the Builder fantasy but is torn from such visions when nature strikes.

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Screen Print and Wax on Fabric

This project consists of 8 "pages"  printed in 3 layers on muslin. The pages were then serged and painted with wax to stiffen them, allowing each page to be handled and reshaped as needed.


This multi-layered project on guilt began as an earnest found-object sculpture and grew into a sarcastic self-help product called Repent-All™.

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Screen Print on Fabric

For this project, I was inspired by hair modification as a means to explore gender identity and mainstream queer representation. A skirt with one-color repeat pattern was created to accompany 5 CMYK-printed flags.

Screen Print on Toilet Paper

I decided I would try my hand at both poetry and screen printing on toilet paper.



This is a short comic about snacks, friends, and an unwanted pregnancy. It's slightly gross. Included are some in-progress pages of the comic from before I decided to recreate it in a simpler style to change the tone of the story.

Selected Work

This is a collection of weaving projects from 2017-2019.

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Selected Work

This is a collection of one-off prints and drawings from the past few years.

Projects: Projects
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