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Penance Series

Installation, Found Objects, Weaving, Product Design • 2019-20

This multi-layered project on guilt began as an earnest found-object sculpture and grew into a sarcastic self-help product called Repent-All™. 

Penance (V1) is a portrait of an imagined spiritual space where one repents but never atones. Endlessly suffering from the physical and emotional burden of guilt. It is meant to be performed, but the performance should not begin or end.

Penance (V2) is a commercially available self-guided step-by-step process to attain atonement called Repent-All™. Highly rated and regarded across all regions, the Repent-All™ Full-Service Workstation and the Repent-All™ Workstation Lite are meant to give you the look and feel of meaningful atonement without all the effort! Coupon code available upon request.

Access the PENANCE HANDBOOK (PDF) to start healing today.

Penance Series: Text
Penance Series: Portfolio
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